How Can You Make Money Using Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro

Today I am going to review how it is possible to make money using Domain Hunter Gatherer.

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The Most Affordable Way

To begin with, you can utilize the Premium Web2. 0 Hunter to find expired web 2.0s which can be reregistered. Implementing this approach, you will be capable of obtaining these aged accounts for way cheap. After you make the 2.0 yours, you will recondition them, update all the graphics, fill out all of the appropriate data to make them appear legitimate, and include a link back to a website you are trying to rank.

You could also develop a vast network of these old web 2 properties and use them for backlinking and promoting your money sites.

Or, you could even sell these aged subdomains.

Or, possibly you could offer a backlinking service in which people would buy links from your seasoned web 2.0s.

The Higher Ticket Operation

You can utilize Domain Auction Hunter for scraping the more popular domain auction houses to find the best quality expiring domains.

By employing this strategy, you will be spending significantly more money. However, you will be picking up the best domains before they have a chance to expire.

These domain names are more spendy because there is more competition, not to mention, they will have higher Domain Authority (DA), Trust Flow (TF), and more backlinks. Plus, many of the tools used for unearthing and examining these properties still exhibit the antiquated PR (Page Rank) metric.

Page Rank is a no longer supported metric Google used to use to determine the worthiness of a domain. However, not everyone has gotten that memo. Which means, there are still individuals who still take that metric as if it were the word of God and are willing to spend unprecedented amounts of money on a PR3 or higher domain.

I should probably mention that you can use Domain Auction Hunter for free should you choose this opportunity, and, it also is included in the full professional version of the software.

You can undoubtedly make money by scooping up these babies and then flipping even just the URL with no site built on it for two, three, or even up to ten times what you paid depending on the domain. Imagine, picking up a property for $65 and then selling it for $600.

Or, go ahead and build a website on the domain, drive some traffic to it, document the revenue the site is generating, then put it up for sale on a site like eBay or Flippa. Not to mention you can also offer additional services to the buyer. Propose SEO or traffic packages, or maybe you are good with web design.

You can estimate how much you should sell these properties for by multiplying the monthly income of the site by ten. Or possibly, even calculate the price somewhere around two to three years worth of revenue generated by the site.

My Personal Favorite System

I fancy using Expired Domain Hunter as it is the most cost-effective way of acquiring substantial quantities of aged domains with sound metrics for the low low price of registration. There are no auction fees or anything of that nature. Merely go to your favorite registrar and purchase them for approximately ten dollars each.

Adopting the Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro software makes accumulating the choicest expired domains nearly effortless and is absolutely worth the monthly charge associated with it, should you want to continuously add high-quality aged domains to your arsenal and take your business to a higher plain of existence.

Or, mayhaps you don’t require the addition of new domains all the time. Nonetheless, DHG is an extraordinary investment even if you only desire to use it on an “as needed” basis. Domain Hunter Gatherers founder Jim Epton is entirely cool with that decision as well. However, once or twice per year he will offer an extraordinary discount sometimes for three months, six months, or yearly subscriptions.

The Professional Version of Domain Hunter Gatherer introduces, even more, possibilities and is a marvelous tool for developing a sustainable business.

You can scrape for expired domains using particular keywords or keyword phrases. It is even possible to upload a list of keywords you are interested in.

Or, you can hunt by crawling authority websites. A good way of doing this is by creating a seed list. To make a seed list, you will have to have a piece of software similar to ScrapeBox and a really, really big list of keywords. Then you go and scrape a highly trusted domain like Wiki or any other high-authority website you desire links from.

When that has completed, you will possess a significant amount of URLs which you can upload to Expired Domain Hunter Hunt From Website. This process will produce a list of expired domains which have backlinks coming directly from the authority site. That kicks serious ass because these links are hard to acquire through conventional means.

Now, that the easy part is over, here is where the due diligence comes into play. (This part is easy too, just time consuming.)

First, you need to filter the given results by whatever metrics you demand. I will usually begin by setting the filters to segregate the .coms, .nets, and .orgs. Then select DA of 10+, Majestic TF of 10+, and often even PA of 10+.

Next, you will need to investigate the filtered results DHG has yielded.

To begin, I like to check the domain I want to examine at Godaddy (any registrar will work) and make sure it is still available.

Then, I take the URL to and take a pretty good look at what it used to be. That will help cut down the time spent examining because you will be able to see if the site was ever managed in a spammy way.

Next, once you have determined that the domain looks clean, you will need to employ a service like Majestic, Ahrefs, or Moz Open Site Explorer to examine the backlink profile of these domains. This part is crucial when evaluating the properties. A majority of people will blow this part or entirely skip over it.


Show Me The Money Right?

So! You have now manipulated your software, and done careful study on all of your domains prior to acquiring.

Now, you could scoop all these up for yourself.

Or, you could even start selling lists of handpicked expired domains. Don’t worry about buying up all the domains if this is something that sounds like a good idea to you. Just make a list and sell them singly or as bundles. Although, make certain that your lists are kept fresh and don’t repeatedly sell the same file over and over. That will piss off your customers when the domains are not available.

Remember earlier when I mentioned that you could build a website, run some traffic, then turn it into profit. Using expired domains are perfect for that as they are way affordable, already have some trust and authority, and, with a little work can be very profitable. Plus, don’t overlook offering any additional services you can provide to the buyer for an extra boost to your ROI.

Maybe you would like to build a fleet of these websites then sell off backlinks. Good quality links are always in demand.

One more way to develop your income would be to buy up as many of these expired properties as you can handle and start building yourself a private blog network that you can publish to and backlink from to power up your personal and or client web properties.

So, by now you should be starting to understand how Domain Hunter Gatherer could plausibly fatten your wallet.

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Keep in mind that this Is Not a get rich scheme but an actual business model that can be readily implemented and for a reasonably small cost.

With steady commitment on your part, expired domain mining could easily develop into a lucrative opportunity.

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Is Selling Backlinks A Good Businesses Opportunity

Having An Online Business Is The Dream For Many

The latest economy crisis has made people think about building alternative sources of revenue. Everybody fears losing their jobs, so it makes sense to find ways of generating some additional income, no matter how small. As online businesses are relatively easy to set up and run, many people try their hand at building a website or offering internet-related services.


Selling Backlinks Can Be A Lucrative Business Model

However, you need to know how to do it the right way, as Google doesn’t consider this a legit practice. They like to penalize webmasters who buy links for their websites. Nonetheless, inbound links are still one of the main factors that help sites improve their rankings, so, selling links is still a viable business. The caveat is that webmasters caught buying links risk a severe penalty that could cost them their entire business.

Under these circumstances, you should set up your backlink selling business the smart way. Your links need to come from websites that have high authority, with good DA, PA and Majestic Trust Flow. Building these resources from scratch can be extremely time-consuming. It might even take years until your business becomes viable. That is why you have to find shortcuts for building a solid portfolio of websites with excellent authority and history. You can achieve this by buying expired and aged domains.


There Are Many Sellers Of Domains That Are Either Freshly Expired Or On The Verge Of Expiration

You can check out their authority, their incoming links, and their link building profile. You can see their Majestic Trust and other such parameters. Acquiring these domains will give you a significant competitive edge. If you sell links from a domain that’s aged and authoritative, you are going to be able to obtain better prices from your customers. Besides, your patrons are going to enjoy more benefits, as their web pages are going to climb their way up in the SERPs much faster than the pages of their competitors.

Since Google has decided to penalize low-quality links, a business selling backlinks should be very careful about its portfolio of websites. Even if a client would pay less money to get a link from a domain with less authority, such links might harm their business, so they aren’t such a great idea anymore. It’s always better to buy a handful of high-quality incoming links, rather than hundreds of lower quality ones. You’d have a much better return on your investment when building only authoritative links to your web properties. That is how Google works these days, and most webmasters know it very well. That is why they avoid link networks that have a portfolio of weak websites.


If You Want Your Backlink Selling Business To Thrive, You Need To Make Sure Your Portfolio Is One Of The Best

By buying expired or aged domains, you can build a robust network in only a fraction of the time needed to develop it from scratch. Besides, such domains can be relatively inexpensive. All you need is the patience to properly evaluate these domains and a good software like Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro and Ahrefs. There will likely be other people bidding on these auction properties, but not all of them will be willing to pay a lot of money, so you should do your math as well and decide upon your maximum bid and don’t get suckered into overspending.


This Strategy Has The Greatest Odds Of Becoming Successful, As It Is Based On Using Only The Highest Quality Resources

Google likes aged domains with a spotless reputation, so they tend to give more weight to links coming from such sources. Your clients are going to be excited when they see their websites climbing the SERPs with relatively small investments for acquiring incoming links. Using only excellent quality PBNs makes it harder for Google to spot the link buyers. That is another reason to be very careful when picking up your network domains, as buying links is considered to be a black hat practice. Yet, Google can’t catch all webmasters who use this strategy, so there’s always going to be a market for your high-quality backlinks. If you are smart, you can enjoy a very nice income and a steady profit.

Start your very own backlink selling business today!

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Are Expired Domain Miners Worth It

There Is Quite A Bit Of Money To Be Made By Someone Who Partakes In Expired Domain Mining

That is the practice of looking for and buying domains that someone forgot to renew or simply just let expire. They may be sitting around the registry for years, or you may find them right when they become available because domains expire and pass straight through the auction houses every day. You can cash in on these properties by flipping just the domain or by building them up as websites. It’s much easier to do this after you learn about what to do, so keep reading, here’s more information to help you get started.


Do you know someone you can trust to provide you with a safe list of domains?

Domain Hunter Gatherer is software that makes it very easy for you to find massive amounts of expired or expiring domains for a  fair monthly fee or you could rely on someone to sell you a list of high-quality domains that are currently available. When mining you have to be quick if you really want the property, because, you are not the only person searching for these beauties. As soon as you discover the expired domain with the proper metrics and a solid backlink profile, you will need to grab it right away.

The majority of expired domains are crap and not something you can (or should) sell to someone else. However, people will buy just about anything if you can get traffic to it, so don’t give up hope if you just purchased a domain or two that doesn’t seem to have any value. If you can prove that traffic is coming to a website, then you can work through a broker and try to sell off sites to people who are looking for ready-made opportunities for any reason. You can also offer SEO and web design services to whoever buys your domains.

Domain Auction Hunter is a fantastic tool that can help you scrape auction sites, so you can find the best quality domains before they expire. However, these properties will be more expensive, but on the other hand, they can also bring higher prices, because they generally have higher authority than the ones that make it back into the registry. There are plenty of software options, but you will most likely have to pay to use them, so make sure to do some research before you spend hundreds of dollars on one of these options. I personally love DHG, and you should check out one of the many Domain Hunter Gatherer reviews and make the decision for yourself.


Sell Your Own Expired Domain Services

Can you code or build software that does the domain hunting and has advantages over what is already on the market? Maybe you can’t, but, you could offer your own service and have people pay you for lists of ready to buy domains. If the second option is what you choose to go with, you can buy premade lists and arbitrage them or invest in the software required to do the job and do the scraping yourself then sell your list. It’s all about making people pay you to do things they didn’t want to do or don’t know how to do, so look into it.

Look into the different types of domains you can collect and make a list of what other people are doing, then determine what the best options are for you to sell these properties. Maybe you could build a website where you offer these domains, or sell them on places like Flippa or eBay. And when you acquire some exquisite domains you could easily build them out as money sites for yourself or just build them, rank them, and then sell them for a significant profit. For many, it’s easier just to flip already made websites or just the domain names, but for others, it makes good sense to build up websites and get traffic to them because you can make far more money. And this opens the door for you to also sell other services such as web design, animated explainer marketing video creation, search engine optimization, or website maintenance.

Expired domain mining can develop into quite a lucrative business over time with a relatively small startup cost. Although, it is necessary to grab the bull by the horns and just start learning as you go, don’t try to speed through this too fast. Think about it this way, the more careful you are at the beginning, the more research you do, and the more action you take, the more likely you are going to be making a lot of money when all is said and done. People that don’t take the time to properly evaluate the properties they sell are not going to be in business for long. The little bit of effort required to pick quality domains will separate you from the rest. A successful business is based on providing a quality service that people will buy from repeatedly. So, just be smart about it.

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