Internet Profits Explained: Affiliate Marketing + Sales Funnels

Who here has heard of affiliate marketing? OK, good.

So, we all know how wonderful it is to make money selling affiliate products for 50% commission and how much time we save by not having to create and support said products.

But, here is something that is not so excellent about this business model.

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You can only earn so much from one of these affiliate product funnel systems. Once the lead exits the funnel your commissions stop.

(Unless the product is something like a membership site where said leads pays a subscription fee or service charge. Then you will likely be earning a reoccurring commission as long as the member stays enrolled in the program or continues using the service. Recurring commission is something you should always take into consideration when promoting services.)

You will typically only earn commission on the front end offer and any up or down sells throughout the sales funnel.

And, unless you are using an opt-in form of some sort to capture the leads before sending them to the product sales page you are growing someone else’s email mailing list.


Another Thing That Kind of Stinks About Typical Affiliate Programs

Is that most of us are not professional marketers, we’re newbies. And we are trying to get rich by selling low ticket items we found on JVZoo, ClickBank, or ShareASale.

Then, we put in tons of time, effort, and maybe even some money into building someone else’s mailing list. Plus, we have zero control over the product creators actions. They could just discontinue the good without warning, and now you just lost that stream of income.

The Best Highest Paying Big Commission Affiliate Programs in 2017

So, as many of you may already know, I specialize in finding alternate means to generate income. I offer my advice and share my knowledge in order to give you multiple strategies for creating wealth in your life.

And today is no different.

Just recently, I joined the most astonishing affiliate partner program I have ever seen. It is called iPro or Internet Profits.

Have you ever heard of Dean Holland?

Well, this guy is an internet marketing samurai guru ninja, and he has (in my opinion) the best affiliate marketing training programs money can buy.

iPro gives you a step by step guide to starting an affiliate marketing business that incorporates recurring commissions and big ticket backend sales.

Oh! Did I mention that as an iPro partner you will also be earning 90% commission on all of the products in the sales funnel Dean and his team have created and optimized for the highest conversions.

Another thing I forgot to mention, is that the iPro partner program cookies every lead you send into their hot and ready, highly optimized, funnel system, back to you, for life.

Hopefully, you got all of that.

Lifetime cookies with 90% commission.
Recurring commissions.
Earnings on big ticket backend funnel sales.

So, right now you probably think that all sounds fine and dandy. Where is the buy button?

But, Wait!

I partnered with iPro as a Platinum member and was unable to obtain the capital to upgrade to Masters before the 30-day window expired and still put a thousand opt-ins onto my Internet Profits, cookied list.

Nevertheless, I am recommending that when you become a partner, you apply for the iPro Masters package as you will be able to maximize your earnings potential from day one.

Oh! I haven’t mentioned that Platinum members can earn up to 1000 dollar commission on those high end, big ticket, items I was blabbering on about before. And if you were a Masters member, you would be earning up to 2500 dollars on backend sales.


Best Affiliate Programs to Make Money For Beginners or Seasoned Pros

Finally, what turns my crank the most about becoming a client of Dean Holland, is he’s a super ninja marketing guru.

He builds and supports high converting sales funnels,
He builds and supports all of the front end products,
He incorporates membership site income,
He creates and supports big commission offers,
He created a community of like-minded individuals,
He fused that community with a fun and friendly coaching staff,
He includes lots of live engagements so you can get going immediately,
He gives you straightforward steps to take and detailed training,
He also takes three-quarters of the work away!

Yup! Dean and his boys (and girls) take care of us like we are rock stars.

Once licensed as an iPro partner all we really have to do now, is send highly targeted traffic into a highly converting sales funnel, and then collect the commissions.

We don’t even need to bother building our own email list should we decide that is too much trouble. Although, you should consider the added benefit of possessing a list that you can market to.

Every lead you introduce into your iPro funnel will be tracked back to you for life. Plus, Dean has a team of professional marketers marketing to every one of your leads, and when they buy something, you get paid 90% commish on all low ticket sales and potentially up to $2500 on big ticket coaching programs and such.

So how about that?

He even does the marketing and product creation for you.

Now, all you need to focus on is driving highly targeted traffic to an offer optimized for maximum conversions.

Easy to Learn Affiliate Marketing System For Real Life Success Stories

Are you still following me, or have you already found the buy button?

Either way, this program is a game changer for me and my business.

My initial goal when I grabbed ahold of the reality of this opportunity, was to buy now and flood the gates with as many opt-ins to my funnel as possible.

Which I did.

I had the desire to get at least 1000 opt-ins into the system using solo ads. I also wanted to focus on blogging and search engine optimization while the solo ads are running straight to a premade, high converting, iPro, opt-in page.

Now that I have more than a thousand opt-ins, I may start testing my own squeeze pages before sending my solo ad traffic directly to the offer. Or, I could just be happy and keep driving traffic straight to my partner links and let them market to my customers for me.

This system is so comprehensive that even a beginner with utterly no background in online marketing, and none of the fancy sales related knowledge, can generate a very real and actual income online quite easily. And, equipped with enough capital, said greenhorn could see very rapid results.

The ball is in your court now.

Take this opportunity to grow your business and invest in this high paying affiliate program with 90% Commission, Lifetime Cookies, Recurring Commission, Backend Sales, and a Team of Professional Marketers working to get you the maximum return on your investment.

Go ahead and click that Buy Now Button or Click Here to become an Internet Profits Certified Partner.

Are you going to run traffic at a proven sales funnel and earn lifetime commish as a Masters Partner? I am!

Yes, Absolutely I Want It!






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