Are Expired Domain Miners Worth It

There Is Quite A Bit Of Money To Be Made By Someone Who Partakes In Expired Domain Mining

That is the practice of looking for and buying domains that someone forgot to renew or simply just let expire. They may be sitting around the registry for years, or you may find them right when they become available because domains expire and pass straight through the auction houses every day. You can cash in on these properties by flipping just the domain or by building them up as websites. It’s much easier to do this after you learn about what to do, so keep reading, here’s more information to help you get started.


Do you know someone you can trust to provide you with a safe list of domains?

Domain Hunter Gatherer is software that makes it very easy for you to find massive amounts of expired or expiring domains for a  fair monthly fee or you could rely on someone to sell you a list of high-quality domains that are currently available. When mining you have to be quick if you really want the property, because, you are not the only person searching for these beauties. As soon as you discover the expired domain with the proper metrics and a solid backlink profile, you will need to grab it right away.

The majority of expired domains are crap and not something you can (or should) sell to someone else. However, people will buy just about anything if you can get traffic to it, so don’t give up hope if you just purchased a domain or two that doesn’t seem to have any value. If you can prove that traffic is coming to a website, then you can work through a broker and try to sell off sites to people who are looking for ready-made opportunities for any reason. You can also offer SEO and web design services to whoever buys your domains.

Domain Auction Hunter is a fantastic tool that can help you scrape auction sites, so you can find the best quality domains before they expire. However, these properties will be more expensive, but on the other hand, they can also bring higher prices, because they generally have higher authority than the ones that make it back into the registry. There are plenty of software options, but you will most likely have to pay to use them, so make sure to do some research before you spend hundreds of dollars on one of these options. I personally love DHG, and you should check out one of the many Domain Hunter Gatherer reviews and make the decision for yourself.


Sell Your Own Expired Domain Services

Can you code or build software that does the domain hunting and has advantages over what is already on the market? Maybe you can’t, but, you could offer your own service and have people pay you for lists of ready to buy domains. If the second option is what you choose to go with, you can buy premade lists and arbitrage them or invest in the software required to do the job and do the scraping yourself then sell your list. It’s all about making people pay you to do things they didn’t want to do or don’t know how to do, so look into it.

Look into the different types of domains you can collect and make a list of what other people are doing, then determine what the best options are for you to sell these properties. Maybe you could build a website where you offer these domains, or sell them on places like Flippa or eBay. And when you acquire some exquisite domains you could easily build them out as money sites for yourself or just build them, rank them, and then sell them for a significant profit. For many, it’s easier just to flip already made websites or just the domain names, but for others, it makes good sense to build up websites and get traffic to them because you can make far more money. And this opens the door for you to also sell other services such as web design, animated explainer marketing video creation, search engine optimization, or website maintenance.

Expired domain mining can develop into quite a lucrative business over time with a relatively small startup cost. Although, it is necessary to grab the bull by the horns and just start learning as you go, don’t try to speed through this too fast. Think about it this way, the more careful you are at the beginning, the more research you do, and the more action you take, the more likely you are going to be making a lot of money when all is said and done. People that don’t take the time to properly evaluate the properties they sell are not going to be in business for long. The little bit of effort required to pick quality domains will separate you from the rest. A successful business is based on providing a quality service that people will buy from repeatedly. So, just be smart about it.

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